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The Ultimate 10-Point Professional Cleaning Checklist

Keeping your home or office clean is extremely important. Why? Cleanliness helps create a nice, tidy, and healthy environment for your family or business workers, customers, and clients. Unfortunately, most of us are reluctant to clean our spaces or do it shoddily as they have no clue of where to begin or end.  Luckily the […]

The Retail Industry: How Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services Can Level Up Your Bottom Line

For most businesses, Covid 19 has presented the most demanding times yet. In your effort to make sense of it all, hygiene in your business is probably the last thing on your list of priorities. But maybe it should top that list. When you first set up your retail outlet, your priority was to make […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting for the Meat Packing and Processing Industry

Have you heard of a slaughterhouse? Well, that is where it all goes down. On one end, an animal goes in as a whole. On the other, it comes out packed up into tiny pieces. Since the Covid 19 outbreak, there has been a concern. No, you and your loved ones are not likely to contract […]

How to Professionally Clean and Disinfect Your Dairy Farm to Reduce Diseases and Increase Production

The health and well-being of a dairy cow are paramount to any dairy farmer. Keeping livestock diseases at bay for your dairy investment to guarantee high production is synonymous with observing high hygiene standards on your farm. Those high standards of hygiene will require more than regular soap and water. You will need disinfectants most […]

How Long Do Disinfecting Wipes Last?

Remember when the Covid 19 was reported first in your country? Did you also panic-buy cleaning products as most people did? If you did, you probably still have some disinfecting wipes lying around. Are you wondering if using them now will effectively disinfect your home? Keep reading and see why you are right to be […]

Ultimate Guide on How to Use Disinfecting Wipes for Optimal Germ Protection

No matter what activities are on your to-do-list today, you are cautious to keep the Covid 19 virus at bay just like everybody else. Whether you are at home, in your office, or just meeting up with friends for coffee at your favorite spot, you will subconsciously find yourself wondering if you are exposed. While […]

How to sanitize your Pilates gym

Sanitizing and disinfecting is key in an environment such as a fitness center. At a Pilates gym, several types of equipment, materials, and surfaces are touched by the people who are exercising. . If and when an infected person touches said surfaces, they leave small traces of the virus. Unlike other viruses like HIV, which die almost instantly upon contact with air, the coronavirus can remain viable on surfaces for hours.

How to Clean and Disinfect your iPhone

How to clean your iphone

A lot of people are in constant contact with our iPhones. As a result, iPhones can be a potent “storehouse” for various germs, microorganisms, and fingerprints. It is advisable to clean and disinfect your iPhone regularly, particularly in the flu season and presently in this pandemic period. There are specific instructions from Apple for cleaning […]