Rosmar Professional

Rosmar and its companies provide state-of-the-art cleaning and sanitizing products and professional services in food and beverage processing, hospitality, and healthcare. With more than 35 years of services and products delivered to Fortune 500 companies in North America, Rosmar can provide exceptional value-added services.
With a diverse offering of consumer-grade products and high-level industrial and business solutions.

Our specialized health solutions are designed to impact your company’s productivity, focused on controlling the presence of microbiological contamination that puts the consumer at risk or negatively affects the shelf life. We optimize costs by improving waste and increase productivity for your company.

Our commitment to quality

Health Solutions that generate added value to our customers, collaborators, and partners, through compliance and improvement of the Quality Management System, innovation, research, and development to exceed expectations.

Consulting services born in the field

Our team of consultants with years of experience in the cleaning and sanitizing industry is our biggest asset. The Rosmar consultants have to achieve the highest levels of internal qualifications, profiles, skills certification processes, and licensed safety standards.

The Rosmar Professional Services team of experts make the best of our knowledge base built over 37 years. Our proprietary Rosmar Operating System (SOR) allows us to achieve business benefits health, research, and technology.
Our team translates challenges into productivity, savings, and greater profitability for your business. Rosmar Professional Services is by far the best choice if cost-benefit and experience are the goals.

Rosmar innovation

The Rosmar Research and Development Center (CIR) is invested in constant innovation and allows new formulations and application technology. We aim to convert technology and research into results and benefits for our customers. Rosmar is known for pioneering in the development of solutions aimed at maximizing the efficiency of hygiene and sanitation processes:

  • Minimizing costs
  • Reducing cleaning times
  • Decisively impacting your productivity
  • Business solutions in health

    Each industry we serve has its own set of challenges and needs, from meat processing to pharmaceuticals Rosmar researchers have developed specialized lines of solutions to meet each of these needs, whose constant innovation fuels the growth of your business. Our solutions are built around the compliance of requirements and standards within the value chain of the agri-food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
    To meet the different needs of our clients, we have developed different healthcare business solutions focused on adding value in different ways; Each one varies according to the degree of involvement and commitment to the results we offer:


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