R-Lacto: Dairy industry

Good sanitation practices are crucial in the dairy manufacturing industry.  

In the dairy industry, the quality of the milk is critical; the amount of fat and low levels of microorganisms set the market price. In addition, no diseases transmitted by dairy cattle, such as tuberculosis, should ever be present. 

Sanitation processes in the dairy industry are divided into 2 branches:

Barns and Milking Rooms

During the milk extraction process, high standards of sanitation are required. In addition, the proliferation of pathogens must be avoided since it can subsequently affect the quality of the milk. Cattle welfare is essential for the productivity of the industry and the trust of the consumers.

R-Lacto meets the specific needs that arise during this process and adds value to productivity and overall savings.

Dairy Processors

In pasteurization and subsequent processes, the hygiene of heat exchangers, closed circuits, valves, and other equipment plays a fundamental role in the quality of the final product.
R-Lacto was created to easily and quickly remove the main dirt in this industry, such as fats, sugars, milk stones, etc.

The different R-Lacto solutions are focused on meeting the following needs: 

R-Lacto Agro 

  • Milking parlor washing and sanitizing processes 
  • Processes for microbial control of food 
  • Sanitation methods and udder control 
  • Barn sanitizing processes 
  • CIP washing and sanitizing processes or water recirculation 


R-Lacto Facilities 

  • CIP washing and sanitation processes or water recirculation 
  • Pipe washing and sanitation processes 
  • COP washing and sanitation processes 
  • Foaming or direct application washing and sanitation processes 
  • Ultrafiltration membrane washing and sanitation processes 
  • Dry cleaning and sanitation processes 
  • Washing and sanitation procedures for baskets, containers, and pallets 
  • Mold washing and sanitation processes 
  • Washing and sanitation methods for containers or buckets 
  • Refrigerated transport washing and sanitation processes 
  • Operational cleaning processes 
  • Chain lubrication processes 
  • Measures to prevent cross-contamination and sanitary laundry 
  • Passivation processes 

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