Rosmar Engineering

Mexico’s leading engineering firm is made up of experts in designing teams and projects specialized in the sanitation industry. We craft a value-added solution that creates value for your company through the following items:

  • Improve manufacturer sanitation standards
  • Increase production capacity
  • Savings in cleaning, chemical products, and cleaning personnel
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Microbiology and pathogen control
  • Optimization of cleaning and sanitizing processes
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Greater precision and control in the intervention of chemical technology
  • Reduction of cleaning times
  • Access to advanced and patented technology in sanitizing systems
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Easy-to-clean and hard-to-reach surfaces

Sanitation Engineering Equipment Solutions

1. Engineering solutions tailored to your needs

Predesigned and patented proposals that are easily adaptable to the client’s needs, thus optimizing design and implementation times. As part of the value-added answer, our proposals include:

  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
    • Flowchart
    • DTI
    • Isomeric
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Training, operation, and upkeep
  • Profit generation delivery report
  • Warranty Policy
  • Maintenance policy (additional)
  • Sale of parts and inventories guaranteed

Our proposals are focused on meeting particular operation needs, seeking innovative solutions that add value to our client’s processes


2. Specialized on-call equipment

Different engineering systems meet the operational needs within your company; our diverse catalog includes the following options:

  • HyPress High-Pressure water washing systems. Centralized high-pressure cleaning system with independent pressurized hot water and foaming stations with a calibrated chemical dispenser for cleaning and sanitizing processes in food processing plants.
  • CIPSys Belt systems. High-pressure conveyor belt cleaning system that includes an independent hot water and foam system. Calibrated dispenser for supplying chemicals to clean and sanitize processes in food processing plants.
  • Tunnel Washer Sys specialized washing systems. Manual basket washing tunnel designed to wash, rinse, disinfect, it is built entirely in 304 stainless steel with electrical control panel and mobile side panels for internal cleaning.
  • Typhoon ApSys fogging systems. High-performance nebulization system specially designed for direct intervention within production lines in food processing plants to improve product microbiology and extend shelf life.
  • Safe&Care sanitary customs system
  • Cleaning trailer for AgroSys farms

Main advantages:

  • ROI Guarantee under contract
  • 360° analysis from sanitation, food safety, manufacturing, engineering, financial, safety, and sustainability approaches
  • Design and execution of specialized projects
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Design of specialized after-sales service solutions

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