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The Smart Sanitation Booth

The Smart Sanitation Booth is a biosecurity tool that uses biometric monitoring and sanitizing systems to prevent the transmission of virus and bacteria.

The fever detection system measures body temperature while controlling entrances and exits and mitigating exposure risk.

The Booth provides 3 services in 1, through 4 steps:



The person enters the booth and faces the body thermometer (infrared thermometer with display). The system locates the person’s face and measures the person’s body temperature. The person’s temperature will be displayed on the screen with green or red illumination, depending on whether the temperature is within or outside the allowed temperature range.

The body temperature measurement mechanism has an automatic alarm system that is activated when detecting a user with an abnormal temperature.

This temperature measurement aims to prevent the passage of people who may pose a health risk of contagion and transmission of the virus or bateria.


The Booth dispenses gel hand sanitizer to sanitize and disinfect your hands.This helps to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria when objects and surfaces are touched.


Once body temperature has been verified and hand sanitizer dispensed, the occupant can then pass through a turnstile.

If an abnormal temperature is found, (equal to or greater than 38 C or 100.4 F) the turnstile will prevent the person from passing through.

This step eliminates the ability for people who have an abnormal body temperature from gaining access.


The person passes through the turnstile to enter the sanitizing chamber. Body sanitizer is then dispensed for 5 seconds.

This step is to guarantee that the person’s entire body is sanitized and disinfected to eliminate the risk of transmission.

The sanitation and disinfection process uses biodegradable and safe products for the human body.

Once this step has been completed, the person can exit the booth.

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